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Life Coach
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Robert Zagozdzon was born in 1969 in Poland. After graduating from the Secondary Technical School of Electronics, he studied cybernetics at the Technical University of Warsaw and the Technical University of Bratislava, where he graduated from the Master of Engineering (MEng) degree program. He then acquired numerous skills in various American business schools, that he put into practice in Central and Western Europe as well as American markets. Following his motto: “Do not bullshit people – the reason does matter,” expanding his consciousness became his way of life…

This in turn gave him certain freedom and an image of a rebel. Usually the rebels are not really rebels. Once the situation changes, they become the same as those against whom they fought and who they wanted to overthrow. His rebellion however, is not directed against anyone. He rebels simply because his consciousness is free. Whenever he encounters an obstacle, he starts to rebel.
He is accustomed to "bring his own skin to the market."

Rebellion is the essence of his live and compassion he considers to be the peak of love...