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by Anthony Robins

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Europe Energy Center
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Life Coach
inpired by OSHO

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Life Coaching

Your life is influenced by standards and quality. Business can help you change your standards, Life Mastery can change your quality of life. The quality of life is in a direct proportion with amount of uncertainty you are comfortable with.

Growth and Passion depend on it! You must be “The Hunter of Uncertainty” if you want to be Happy and full of Passion!

There are four areas when you can make impact in your live: body, emotion, mind and spirit… 

Your mind uses nearly eighty per cent of your energy, and does not give anything back, does not return anything… Thanks to a conscious life, the way our mind works, including our perception, does change. Compulsive thinking starts disappearing. A new kind, new quality of energy comes into being – the energy of your heart. It is perfect and pure emotionality. Then the heart starts working. When a compulsive mind disappears, the energy it used, becomes love. It must become something – energy cannot be destroyed.

How to live consciously?...